DOL and IRS enforce ERISA

As of July 1st, the IRS and the DOL are beginning to enforce the rules set out in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).  Does your employee benefit plan (health AND retirement) have all of the language required by both agencies of the federal government?  If not, you could be subject to a $100 per day, per plan, penalty for non-compliance.  An ERISA wrap document will satisfy the necessary language to keep your plan compliant.  Most large employers are already aware of this, but most small employers, less than 50 FTE, have never had to worry about regulations enforcement.  Those days are over.  ALL employers, regardless of size, must adhere to the newly enforced regulations.  Call us today to get an ERISA wrap document for your business.  Don’t leave yourself open to possible penalties in case of an IRS or DOL audit.