Employee Benefits

Are you giving your employees the choice of benefits they deserve?

The answer to this question should be the driving force in every employee benefits decision a company makes.  If a company believes its employees have the knowledge to make intelligent choices in their healthcare, your current employee benefit package may be leaving some employees dissatisfied with their benefits, and worse yet, company dollars being spent unwisely.

With the right health insurance and benefit plan design and proper funding strategy, a company can offer its employees more choice than ever before.  Increased choice coupled with benefits education and one-on-one enrollment leads to increased satisfaction as more educated employees have the knowledge they require to pick the benefit plan that meets their needs best.  Offering increased choice to employees doesn’t increase the benefit budget and can actually reduce their benefits costs.

With the partnership between Fortress Benefits and Advantage Administrators, the top employee benefit administration company in Iowa, we provide:

  • Employee benefit plan design options
  • More choices for employees with their benefits
  • Maximized tax savings opputunities for the employer and employees
  • Company specific benefit funding strategies
  • One-on-one employee enrollment and education
  • Increased employee satisfaction with their benefits
  • One stop shop for all company employee benefits
  • Emphasis on compliance with our on-staff ERISA attorney with over 30 years of benefit experience

Let us help you design an employee benefits package that fits both you and your employees’ unique individual situations.